Gecko earth is a CRYPTOCURRENCY finance coin


$The GECKO contract has been deployed on the Binance Smart Chain.

Transactions 8%

  • 4% Redistributed to wallet holders
  • 1% Rewards/business (to Business Development wallet)
  • 3% Added to the liquidity pool and locked into different pairs as liquidity increases
  • 2.5% Monthly burn rate of unallocated supply (x40 months) = 100% (total supply will be allocated)

Where to buy:

GECKO is available for purchase on the following exchanges:
as well as and has the following trading pairs:




  • Be the Bridge between cryptocurrency ecosystems and real world assets. We aim to provide a truly valuable assets that accumulate more value exponentially over time
  • Raise Capital for real world use cases and allow our community to participate in real world use cases financing real world assets and achieve our milestones (asset accumulation for our community
  • Simple language and concepts people can get their head around
  • Build useful utilities on top of the value of the GECKO asset fundamentals and sound economics of diminishing supply and accumulation


Stage 1 | Token Launch
Pre Sale | Stage 1 (3 weeks) 22%
Airdrop and Explore App Use Cases
Launch (2 months) 30%
Release DeFi App 1 SafeSend | Increase Audience Exposure 40%
Stage 2 | Exchange Listings and Further Development of the Gecko Ecosystem
SafeSend Onramp and Onboard users along with Marketing Activity (12 months) 50%
Stage 3 | Explore NFT Use Cases and Tokenize Asset Securities then Establish First Niche
Establish Functionality and allow Pools to Crowdfund Assets in NFT's 100%

GECKO Has Launched

Pre Sale | Stage 1 PreSale has ended, plus first Airdrop in complete
GECKO is now available on PancakeSwap and exchanges
There are 2 Airdrop competitions running in the Telegram groups
1. Whale status and long term holders over 10,000,000 GECKO (paid monthly)
2. Referral Competition (top 10 referrers – paid monthly)


Holders over 10mil receive extra 500,000 Gecko per month each.

And the top 10 referrers also get additional monthly GECKO rewards.

Yes, you heard it correctly! On Wednesday 10th November 2021 we listed on and you can now trade USDT/GECKO trading pairs and BNB/GECKO, or transfer your GECKO directly to your Metamask, or Trust Wallet.

How to buy Gecko FINANCE

If you do not already have a wallet that accepts Binance Smart Chain coins, then please follow the instructions below to setup your Wallet.

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Supported Wallets


Gecko Earth was founded by our team in New Zealand. Our team are situated in South Pacific (New Zealand) and Asia. The company is directed by Nick Muller and his development team.

The Gecko Team has a track record of successful startups, from e-Learning websites to Amazon Products and our Founder is a professional business advisor on the boards of several companies across multiple markets. Nick Muller has been involved with many business startups including Tech Companies and the Finance Sector.

Nick works with multiple organisations across New Zealand and other countries to change management, strategic direction and supports companies to shift toward uncontested markets where they can better compete and disrupt their market by creating value above their competition.


Nick Muller
Having multiple successful startups and working in related fields, establishing a reliable store of value and accelerated medium is his crusade. Taking advantage of the opportunity to create equity and fund real world assets is the next big thing in finance. Not just a yield, but a sustainable return with assets that help people progress their financial situation.
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Second in Charge

Cherie Muller
Chief Operating Officer


Chris Woodward
Gypsy Crypto Lifestyler
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Genius, Dev and Chief Fixer

Aquib Muhummad
Web Developer

Blockchain Developer

Surendra Verma
Bachelor of Computer Science
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Execution team leader

Unica Molinyawe
Customer Service - runs the Philippines based team
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Customer Support

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