Setup your wallet

You can either setup a Metamask, or Trust Wallet to store $Gecko Token, BUSD, or BNB as well as many others however if you want to interact with the SafeSend App you will need to install and configure Metamask.

Once you have setup your wallet you can either trade (swap) some coins you already have on the PancakeSwap website, or setup an account on an exchange and use your credit/debit card to fund the purchase. Once you have purchased BNB, BUSD or GECKO you can send it to your Trust Wallet or Metamask Wallet.

See installation and configuration details below:

Install Metamask Wallet

Download and install Metamask as an extension to your browser.

Configure your BNB Wallet. Switch to Binance Chain, then Copy the number along the top (URL) – (this is your wallet address), then fund your wallet with BNB

Open an account on

Buy some GECKO and Transfer it directly to your wallet.

Alternatively you can swap GECKO on PancakeSwap by first purchasing BUSD, or BNB and swapping it on the exchange.

Go to Pancake Swap (or another exchange that supports GECKO and make the trade)

Install Trust Wallet

Download and install Trust Wallet on your Smart Phone.

To configure your Trust Wallet. Select the setting button in the top right hand corner of your app.

Note: Trust Wallet is automatically configured to accept coins on the Binance Smart Chain

Select Smart Chain and in the contract address field, add the contract address for $GECKO. It is on the front of the website, or you can copy and paste it from here (see below).

Once your wallet is all setup, you can now go to an exchange such as where you can buy GECKO directly and sent it to your wallet, or you can connect your Trust Wallet to and swap some BNB for $GECKO. 

Go to Pancake Swap (or another exchange that supports GECKO and make the trade)

Copy Contract Address to Clipboard