Gecko has launched on the Binance Smart Chain because that is where we see increasing action and low fees offer an environment that is and easily accessible breeding ground to trial our disruptive technology.

SafeSend Version 1 is up and operational. We now have a working product to engineer towards our niche and drive adoption. The next step is the most difficult, but rewarding and we are now in full swing of increasing exposure to the application, its simplicity and purpose.

We are now in the stage of developing our use case to the market as well as promoting the deflationary asset to the investor market. Note: Gecko was always designed to be a long term store and accumulation of value.

Explainer Videos

How to setup your Wallets and buy $GECKO

You can safely store $GECKO (our native coin), BNB (Binance Coin), or BUSD (BInance US Dollars) on your Metamask, or Trust Wallet. If you want to use and manage your own smart contracts on the SafeSend App, you will need to install and use the Metamask Wallet. This is not too complicated but you will likely need to follow some instructional videos to set up your wallet on the Binance Smart Chain the first time, then add the token contract address so your crypto appears in your wallet.

What is Gecko SafeSend?

In this video you will learn about Gecko SafeSend and how it works, how you can benefit from it and why we use it to make our transfers secure.

How to buy $Gecko on the Exchange

This video explains exactly how you can buy $Gecko directly on the exchange with your credit card and send it to your wallet. Our preferred partner (Centralized Exchange) is

How to register your account on

This video explains exactly how you can register your own account on the P2PB2B Excchange. Our preferred partner (Centralized Exchange) is